Over spending hours upon hours fighting with technology, figuring out how to market yourself online AND run a profitable business?

We TOTALLY get where you're at.


So, here's the deal, girlfriend. You know and I know that you have big, important work to do on this Earth. And you have two options for how you're going to do said important shit. You can keep limping through, keep gritting your teeth through tasks that take 2-3 times longer than they should because you (let me guess) maybe:

  • hate technology

  • are constantly distracting yourself with the next shiny object (Facebook!), or

  • have 95,885,645 browser tabs open because you're trying to do all the things which actually prevents you from doing them.

Or, you can ask for and receive support.


And not just any old random support. Because let's be really real, who has time for loads of training and learning curves? Instead, you can quickly bring on a vetted, highly-recommended team of other strong, smart, badass women to organize and automate your business so you can focus on the work that truly lights you up and make more money, honey. Yes, please? Then let's talk already!

My team and I LOVE supporting female entrepreneurs. It's what lights US up!

Want to learn more about our team of wonder women? Keep reading!


Sara, Owner

Hey girl hey! I'm Sara -- wife, mother, runner, dog rescuer, FSU alumni (GO NOLES!) and owner of this here amazing Online Businesses Management + Virtual Assisting + Event Planning company. I support online ladypreneurs in the backend of their business by taking tasks off their plate so that they have the time to thrive in their zone of genius, do the work that truly lights them up and ultimately make more money, honey. I also mentor other women who want to start or scale their OBM or VA businesses!

Here are a few fun facts about me: 

  • Four letter words make up most of my vocabulary.
  •  I've completed (4) half-marathons and most days you can find me in sweaty workout clothes.
  • In my past career, I traveled around the US producing high-end corporate events.
  • Organic wine and champagne are my jam.
  • T-Pain and Citizen Cope are two of my favorite musicians...in that order.

Ashley, Virtual Assistant

Hello there! I'm Ashley, Virtual Assistant and small town girl living her dream with an amazing husband, beautiful daughter and two crazy pups. And now I get to have it all while working from home so I don't miss a second with my baby girl

Sara and I worked together in the corporate event industry where I gained my love of details, check-lists, all things tech and graphics creation.  

Here are a few fun facts about me: I have my Bachelors of Science in Chemistry, I played collegiate softball, and I love getting crafty in my spare time crocheting and DIY projects

Alissa G.jpg

Alissa, Virtual Assistant

Hi hi! I'm Alissa and I'm a proud mommy to a curious little boy, an avid Gators fan (Sorry, Sara!), Doctor Who fan, and a Photoshop nerd. I get geeky about tech and I love creating. Sara and I met (online!) planning our weddings where we shared a passion for events, details, and the power of online communities. As an award-winning marketer, I love putting my 15 years of marketing, design, and digital experience to work supporting amazing, kick-booty women. 

A few fun facts about me: I have a B.S. in Advertising from the University of Florida. I love baking and 90's grunge rock and corny vampire books are LIFE! {Holler Team Edward}


Shayna, Virtual Assistant 

Howdy! I’m Shayna, lover of all things with a Southwestern influence.  I partnered with Sara in her past career life in making her high-end corporate events come to life here in Dallas! From flip charts to CEOs on Elephants, with special guest appearances by a former U.S. President, there isn’t anything in the events world I haven’t put my finger on.

A few fun facts about me: Longhorns & Cows are my favorite animals. I love combing through spreadsheets and manipulating manifests. My heart sings for succulents and I will officially join the Boy Mom club in January 2018!


Robyn, Virtual Assistant

Hola! I’m Robyn! I'm a yoga instructor and nature lover living in the city with my husband and two awesome kids! As a virtual assistant, I love being able to support other amazing, inspirational women, braid my daughter’s hair for the millionth time, and hear all about my son’s adventures at school. Sara and I met in a yoga class and quickly became friends, first bonding over our practice and then as mothers. Previously, I worked as an Internet Marketing Manager for a large corporation where I finely honed my analytical, writing and creative skills.

A few fun facts about me: I spent most of my childhood and teen years in Venezuela where my family lives. I double majored in Film Studies and English. We’ve done 3 cross country moves in 3 years! I like to go on 10 mile runs - just for fun.


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