I started my very first business with an infant in my arms.

I was not ready. I was not perfect. Heck...I was barely surviving.

But I started.

And then I failed.

Now here’s where it gets really good: I LEARNED so much in that first business and one of the reasons my current business is so successful is because I learned to start before I was ready.

No matter what stage of business you’re in I’ve got a newsflash for ya: you’re going to be REQUIRED to start before you’re ready. It’s not optional, sister. It’s mandatory.

You see, after I left the event planning space and before starting my business I spent almost a year working for a startup. I credit that experience as one of the reasons I was able to scale so quickly in my business. Because they taught me that to do something big, you only need a desire, great support and drive.

And that’s true across the board. Whether you’re a startup, a Fortune 500 or a solopreneur. This is true whether your business is still a daydream, is at the very beginning stage, or if you’ve been at it for a bit and are wanting to scale.  

What’s required of you to get to that next level…to actually start the business, get the first or next client, hit the 5K + 10K months or bringing on the team…is to make like Nike and just do it already.

Now listen, I know that’s easier said than done because no matter the stage, I usually see my clients getting stuck in one of two places on their entrepreneurial journey.

#1 - Perfection Mode

The first place I see clients getting stuck is perfection mode where they want to plan everything so that nothing could possibly go wrong.

Sounds silly huh? It is but also, it’s so common.

Here’s the bad news: something WILL go wrong in your business. I can pinky promise you that.

Now here’s the good news: you’ll learn more from the mistakes than you will from the aces. I can pinky promise you that too!

What happens here is that budding or new entrepreneurs are so afraid to make a misstep because they’re so damn fearful of judgement that they never actually do the thing they desire or get to that next level. And THAT is the difference between being a perfectionist and letting it keep you stuck.

So if you’re currently stuck, I need you to hear this, sister: perfection doesn’t exist and you can’t control everything.

The way to get unstuck is to take a big ol’ deep breath and just go for it. Screw something up and then realize the world is still spinning and you’re human just like the rest of us.

#2 Knowledge-lack Mode

The second place I see clients getting stuck is what I like to call knowledge-lack mode. Here, folks are so caught up in their lack of knowledge on how to do the “thing” and take the next best step that they never do ANYTHING and therefore never get to that next level that they desire.

Here’s an example:

Jen wants to start a Virtual Assisting businesses but is so terrified by her lack of knowledge of all the tools, platforms and social media channels that are used by online businesses owners that she believes in order to be successful online she’ll have to know them ALL. And I mean...ALL OF THEM.

But, you (and I) will NEVER know all the tools (because holy moly there are SO MANY) so that’s a completely impossible standard for Jen to set.

Now here’s how I help Jen get out of being stuck in knowledge-lack mode. I remind her of everything she ALREADY knows. At the bare minimum, she knows how to post to social media and use YouTube. Cool. That means Jen can start taking on clients using the skills she already has (and believe me, almost every online entrepreneur has or wants someone else to post their content to social) to start building a business while also using those same skills (YouTube) to learn new ones. BOOM! Don’t we live in such amazing times that (almost) anything we could ever desire to know is just a Google away?

And just in case you’re not sure this is REALLY the way it works, I built my ENTIRE (really successful) VA and OBM business without knowing any platforms when I started besides social media, how to post a blog to a Wordpress site and how to use Google docs. Everything else I figured out when I needed to.

I’ll leave you with this question for you to answer today: what would you create if you stopped believing you had to be perfect and know everything and started figuring it out along the way?

I’ll answer that for you (because I can’t help myself): anything you wanted.


Sara Wiles
 is an Online Business Mentor for done-for-you service providers. She helps Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers and Social Media Managers go from frazzled to focused, stark to sold out and bewildered to balanced.

Through her unique, personal mentoring style she supports her clients through confidence building, clarity gaining, mindset managing and massive action taking.

She spent 8 years traveling the US producing high-end corporate (and a few celebrity) events before becoming an entrepreneur. After just 4 weeks of starting her business, she filled her roster, replaced her 9-5 income and brought on a team. Sara is also a wife, mama, dog mama, exercise enthusiast, champagne connoisseur and four-letter word addict.

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Sara Wiles