WTF to Outsource

Most of my clients come to me knowing they desperately need help in their business, but have no idea what exactly to outsource to a support team. So, during our first strategy call we dive deep into their unique business and figure out the tasks that they love, and the ones that they absolutely loathe. It takes some time, but by the end of our call we have an entire list of tasks that they are so ready to get off of their plate and onto mine. 

Because I know so many business owners get stuck in this place, where you just don't even know WTF to outsource, I've made a super simple 3 step workbook that you can use to figure out EXACTLY what you need to outsource to your support team so you can stop doing the work you hate and start working in your zone of genius.

WTF to Outsource.png

Once you've finished your workbook, shoot me an email at to talk through what you found out you need help with in your business!

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