What "Overnight" Success Really Looks Like with Lacey Craig

A few weeks ago, my best friend (and badass Business Mentor and Success Coach) Lacey Craig and I chatted on camera and I'm so pumped to share the convo with you today. We both experienced success really quickly in our businesses, but in this video, we're sharing the truth behind our "overnight" success.  We open up about what we did, if it was worth it, and if we'd choose to do it the same way again. The video is below.

Here's what you'll learn in this video: 

  • (2:45) - Our stories behind "overnight" success
  • (3:45) - The work, effort, and commitment required for quick success
  • (5:50) - Trading services or working for free?
  • (8:15) - Would we do it again the same way?
  • (10:05) - Quick growth or growth with ease? Stop comparing your growth or making yourself wrong.
  • (12:00) - Giving yourself grace after deciding what you want and the importance of being attached to showing up and doing the work, while not being attached to specific results.

Have you experienced a similar "overnight success" in your business? I'd love to chat about it! Shoot me an email here