Getting Real: When Life and Biz are Both Shitty and Ah-mazing

Can I be real with ya'll for a hot minute? ALL thoughts on this entrepreneurial journey aren't always happy. Hell, all thoughts we have each day (hour?) aren't happy. Because that's life. And that's REAL. 

So...we're kind of over seeing those glossy, picture perfect facebook posts and #everythingismagical hashtags. And most of all, we're OVER putting all.this.damn pressure on ourselves to feel good 24/7. Cause it's not authentic and it sure as hell doesn't serve any of us, am I right?

If you haven't yet popped some bubbly (you should!) and tuned in for the Happy Thoughts Show (a live Facebookshow I co-host with my BFF Lacey Sites), you can get your dose of the happy thoughts and REAL talk we laid down in Episode 2 right here.

In this episode, we talk about how leading with AMAZING is needed to balance the shitty things going on in our lives and business...and how to manage it all. Because here's the thing: balancing life and business is DAMN hard. So grab a glass (or two!) of your favorite adult beverage and join us as we embrace this crazy entrepreneurial journey all while giving yourself permission to feel all.the.things.

We're talkin':

- Raising a child + a business at the same time 

- Divorce + dealing with all the unexpected "after stuff"

- The U.S. political situation (OH yes, we went there) - and how drinking champagne is a must-have life hack

We also share: 

- The power of gratitude to shift our perspective 

- The #1 way we regroup, re-balance, and refocus on the amazing aspects of life

- Some of our best mantras for letting things be GOOD and accepting situations as they are

WHEW! That's some heavy + happy shit, right?

So, fill your cup and catch the replay to get some tips and tricks on holding it down in life + biz.