Ready for #lessbullshitmorebubbly? Join us LIVE at The Happy Thoughts Show

Have you ever wished that you could just sip some champagne and shoot the shit with some other entrepreneurs that really GOT this crazy rollercoaster? Like ALL the life AND business stuff that it brings up?

Us too. All the time.

That's why my best friend Lacey Craig and I have created our new FB Live show, called Happy Thoughts.

Because here's the thing… we are PRETTY obsessed with being entrepreneurs, doing it our own way, creating success and being pretty darn happy. 

BUT, we also know that ALL thoughts on this journey aren't happy. Heck, all thoughts each day (hour?) aren't happy. 

And we're kind of over everyone pretending otherwise. Or putting pressure on themselves to feel good 24/7. Cause it just doesn't serve any of us ya know?

So we're bringing our champagne drinking selves to your FB screen every Tuesday at 8pm EST. 

We want to have real conversations, real connections, and REAL dialogue (and maybe a little advice and inspiration) around this crazy journey called entrepreneurship… and all the ups and downs that come with it.

Also, we're a pretty good time. 

Join us here, then make sure to watch this video to let us prove it to you and get a sneak peek at what's to come!

Here's what we chat about in the video: 

  • (1:52) what Lacey is really guilty of in her business (and what we're doing differently)
  • (4:20) intentionally cultivating an experience around creating your next big thing
  • (6:40) a not-so-secret secret to success in your business
  • (10:10) the question to ask yourself when starting your next project
  • (13:10) the importance of taking time to celebrate and honor all that you've done (rather than racing on to the next big thing)


Then mark your calendar - we're going live for our first Happy Thoughts episode on 8/8 at 8pm EST. 

And truth be told? Lacey's got something she really needs to be open with ya'll about. 

So we're diving right in and opening with that in our first episode (I mean, why not dive into the deep end of the pool?!).

We would love your love, support, and positive energy to be part of it (cause vulnerability is a bitch… am I right?) join us here