Happy Thoughts Show 4 in the Books: Lacey's Low Down!

You know I keep it real. And sometimes (ok, a lot of times) on this entrepreneurial journey, it can feel like we're marching solo, or we get so stuck in our heads thinking no one can relate to you because everyone else has their shit together.

I call bullshit.

And it's a big part of why my best friend, Lacey Sites, and I started the Happy Thoughts Show, so we can come together and have those real deal conversations about what it's REALLY like to juggle life and business (and a toddler). 

In our last episode, I interviewed Lacey (and I aired some REALLY GOOD BFF secrets, ya'll). I asked her to share those happy and not-so-happy twists and turns that have molded her into the fab kick ass businesswoman she is today. 

If you missed it, you can catch the replay of Episode 4 right here.

Here's what went down: 
- (3:10) Garnet & Gold-en Showers: How Lacey and I met
- (5:00) Airing Lacey's Dirty Laundry
- (7:45) Taking the Hot Mess Express to Successville
- (8:15) Real Life Shit: Anxiety and Depression
- (13:00) Lacey's Degree Spree
- (15:45) TERMINATING your leadership style  
- (18:45) How integrity "Lit Up" Lacey's path
- (21:20) Fucking KILLING IT in business
- (23:30) Answering to a higher power
- (24:30) A Lit Up beginning
- (25:50) Sticking together in business + life
- (29:22) Evolving your business strategy
- (32:00) Good vibes only: what's next for Lacey. 
- (39:00) Episode 5 teasers: Sara takes the hot seat!

That's some heavy + happy shit, huh?

So, grab your favorite adult beverage (or whatever floats your boat), watch the replay and get in on our conversation about Lacey's Low Down

Then, share with us by commenting on the video! 

Need some more Happy Thoughts and real conversations in your life?  

Come join us for Episode 5 and MY turn in the hot seat!