3 Ways to Make More Sales and Stand Out From The Competition (it’s not what you’re thinking)

Sales has always been in my blood, but I thought it was such a dirty word so I didn’t embrace it for years.

You see, my dad has been in the car business my entire life. I spent my childhood running around a dealership, pretending to drive Mustangs when I was 5 but barely able to see over the steering wheel and stealing supplies from the back office so I could make paperclip banners just to pass the time.

What I didn’t realize all those years is that I likely picked up a thing or two listening to my dad do what he does best. We always joke that he’s such an amazing salesman he could sell ice to an Eskimo.

Now I’m sure you can recite a joke or 12 about a used car salesman (I know I can) because what that industry is most known for is sleazy tactics and forced sales. But I have to tell you the reason my dad has been so successful in the ever-changing car business for longer than I’ve been alive is neither of those things, but it’s something that you need to know about if you want to make more sales.

The one thing that will ALWAYS remain true about sales is this: when you show someone you CARE about them when no one else is, you’ll always sell more than your competition.

It’s what my dad has always done, it’s what he’s taught me to do and it’s what I want to teach you how to do today.

And while this is true for EVERY part of your business from the first time a potential client comes across your brand on social media to a discovery call, to the onboarding experience to how you keep the client once they’re a customer, today we’re going to focus on the part that most people get wrong: showing someone you care BEFORE they ever get on a discovery call with you. Because THIS is what will make all the difference. This is what will make someone from book a call with you over your competition. And once you figure this out and apply it to the other areas of your business, this will help you sign clients, keep clients and create raving fans so your business relies less on marketing and MORE on referrals.

And y’all. It ain’t that hard. But when no one else is doing it, you stick out like a beautifully manicured thumb with hot pink sparkle polish. In the best way possible, of course!  

Ready? WAHOO! Let’s dive into 3 ways to make more sales and stand out from the competition BEFORE you even get on a discovery call (it’s not what you’re thinking).

1. Give value like your business depends on it (because it does).

And I’m not talking about value like every other VA/OBM/SSM/PM/Designer “thinks” value is.

A post about 5 reasons someone needs a VA isn’t freaking value, y’all. That’s called a promotional post (and an awful one at that).

True, real, actual value is helping your potential client to solve one of their two biggest issues: lack of knowledge or lack of time. If you can help them with 1 or both of those things, YOU FREAKING WIN! Because take a quick peek around on social media and you’ll notice NO ONE ELSE IS DOING THIS. While there are exactly 987458734 posts telling you WHY you need to hire that person there are maybe 2 that actually give their audience an actionable tip (which is how you demonstrate that you’re an expert in an area and DING, DING, DING how you get discovery calls booked so you can sign more clients).

Here’s an example of some easy but value-packed posts: new feature roll outs from well-used platforms, quick tips and tricks, how you manage a Facebook group posting schedule for clients or literally ANYTHING you do for clients, etc.

Need it spelled out even more? I’ve gotcha sister. Here’s an old value post I created back when I was a VA.


Who else here uses and loves Google drive? ME ME ME!

It looks like Google Drive is cracking down on content distribution, especially of video. I had a client who was delivering videos in Google Drive to paid subscribers of a 30 day bootcamp via email. All of the sudden, it appeared that our links were broken but the content and links were valid on the Drive side. After investigating a little further, this is what we found from Google:

Drive allows you to store, share, and stream video content, but should not be used as a replacement for a content distribution network. For large-scale public streaming, YouTube is a better fit. Drive will restrict usage when it appears that it's being used for large-scale public streaming. Repeated violations may result in additional action, including terminating your account or ability to use Drive.

WHOOPSIE! Just a PSA to all of you Drive users to make sure if you're delivering content to your peoples in volume that you're not using Drive for that purpose.

With love + support,


See. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s actionable and you had better believe that it demonstrates not only that I was an expert in my field, but that I CARED a whole lot about both my client and anyone in my tribe who was potentially affected by this little Google sitch.

2. Guide your potential clients to Baggage Claim.

I’ve been using this Baggage Claim analogy with my clients recently and it perfectly demonstrates how to communicate to your potential clients to show you care.

Have you ever been to the Atlanta airport (or any major airport for that matter)? When you get off the airplane and look up you’ll see a 7 billion signs for Baggage Claim. Walk out of the bathroom and there one is: BAGGAGE CLAIM! Walk out of a restaurant and there’s another: BAGGAGE CLAIM. Get off the escalator and you guessed it: BAGGAGE CLAIM!

It’s the same thing with helping your clients find your own version of Baggage Claim aka booking a discovery call. When someone is ready to work with you, you want to make sure it’s so easy for them to figure out where they need to go. Make sure there’s a link to book a call in your Instagram bio, on your Facebook business page, on your Facebook personal page, and sprinkled all over your website (if you have one). Anywhere that someone might be consuming your content you want to make sure they know how to find your Baggage Claim. You want to make it EASY on them and to show them that you respect their time by helping them to quickly find where it is you’ve been hoping they would go for months. This is called caring, y’all.

3. Make booking a discovery call the easiest thing your client will do today.

There is just about nothing I hate more than a service provider who makes me WORK to work with them.

I’ll give you an example: a year ago I considered hiring a new VA for my team. We chatted back and forth on Facebook messenger and then I asked to get on a call with her to get specific on my needs. Here’s where it goes downhill. Not only did we go back and forth SEVERAL times to find a date/time that worked best for us both, she rescheduled our call 2 times and was super unclear about how we were meeting (Zoom, phone, FB audio) and who was initiating the meeting (because it ended up being via phone). Needless to say, she didn’t end up on my team.

Don’t make people WORK to work with you.

Make it easy peasy lemon squeezy on your potential clients by following these steps below. Doing so will make it SIMPLE for your clients to book a discovery call, will show them you CARE about them by respecting their time and will demonstrate that you know what the heck you’re doing and can produce a seamless process for your business and for theirs.

  • Use a scheduler like Acuity (my favorite), Dubsado or Calendly. This makes it so that your potential clients can quickly find a date/time that works for them without having to go through 12 back-and-forth emails with you. PRAISE!

  • Make sure you have automated confirmation and reminder emails set up with whatever scheduler you use so that you not only confirm the call but make sure it’s easy for your client to remember to show up.

  • Make sure your scheduler also gives your potential client the ability to quickly and easily add a calendar reminder from your call confirmation to their calendar.

  • Be clear in the booking and confirmation/reminder emails about HOW you’ll meet. If you’re using phone or FB audio, note that YOU will call THEM (never, ever ask a client to call you). If you’re using Zoom, make sure you include the link for your potential client to join.

So there ya have it, friends. 3 ways to make more sales and stand out from the competition BEFORE you even get on a discovery call. Because what I’ve learned in the last almost 2 years in business is that it’s all the little ways I care and respect my clients time that has made a huge difference and created long-term clients and raving fans. And it’s been the same for my Dad as well.


Sara Wiles
 is an Online Business Mentor for done-for-you service providers. She helps Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers and Social Media Managers go from frazzled to focused, stark to sold out and bewildered to balanced.

Through her unique, personal mentoring style she supports her clients through confidence building, clarity gaining, mindset managing and massive action taking.

She spent 8 years traveling the US producing high-end corporate (and a few celebrity) events before becoming an entrepreneur. After just 4 weeks of starting her business, she filled her roster, replaced her 9-5 income and brought on a team. Sara is also a wife, mama, dog mama, exercise enthusiast, champagne connoisseur and four-letter word addict.

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