4 real reasons your VA, OBM or SMM business isn’t working

Whether your biz isn’t working at all (and you don’t have any clients) or whether you’ve got clients but find yourself feeling like a crazy human who can’t balance #allthethings… then you need to know about these 4 *real* reasons things aren’t coming together just yet.

I promise you…

If you want more clients in your biz…
If you want more balance and ease too…
If you want to grow and make more money as quickly as possible…

Then you need to make sure these 4 things aren’t getting in your way!


The 4 real reasons your VA, OBM or SMM biz isn’t working:

1. You’re not aligned with your why.

It doesn’t matter if you have 0 clients or you have 20 clients, you’re going to feel stagnant in your biz if you’re not aligned with your WHY. 

How come?

Because when you’re not aligned with your why then you can’t make decisions from that place. And you need to make decisions from that place if you want a super clear pathway to success.

For example, I have a client who wants and needs the ability to care for her son whenever he might need her. So, she wants to make decisions in her biz that are supportive of that why. Meaning, she would NOT want to take on 15 clients who all need her 9-5 every single day to a point where she would no longer have the flexibility to be there for her son.

As you run your VA, OBM or SMM business, make sure you are taking on clients *strategically* in a way that supports your WHY.

Because business growth happens when you know why you’re doing what you’re doing and then you take action from that place. #truthbomb

2. You need to get booked out with 1 service *before* adding another.

What I see WAY too often in this online done-for-you space is women who are trying to promote and sell more than one offer.

Meaning, if you’re VA, OBM or SMM biz isn’t working then the first place you gotta look is at your offerings.

My recommendation is ALWAYS to become booked out at 1 thing *before* you add another thing into the mix.

For example, I had a client come to me for 1:1 coaching when she was doing OBM work for some clients and coaching services for other clients. Before working together, she couldn’t figure out how to get to her revenue goal with this model.

And y’all, it’s because a multiple service business model has two major malfunctions: (1) It confuses your audience like WOAH and (2) It confuses you!

When you have more than one offer, your audience doesn't know what to buy and you have to split your (limited) promotional time between services. 

For the client I mentioned above, as soon as we stopped offering both services, and transitioned everything into OBM work, my client started onboarding new clients and hit the goal she wanted to hit in September… BY JULY.

Mhmm, you can’t make this stuff up!

By transitioning to one offer, this client quickly hit her ~$9200 revenue goal two months earlier than she even planned.

The bottom line is this: You can be booked out in your biz when you become a badass service provider with ONE offer before adding another into the mix.

3. You are copying everyone else instead of doing it your way.

If you’re not feeling good about your biz…

If you’re feeling stagnant in your growth or having a hard time getting clients…

Is it because you’re copying everyone else instead of doing it YOUR way?

Here’s why copying other VAs, OBMs or SMMs is a major no-no: 

  • You’re not giving yourself the ability to create your own unique, authentic and identifiable brand.

  • You’re probably not posting a bunch of value-based content.

You see, when you copy other service providers you don’t have the opportunity to share who YOU really are. 

I know I harp on this all the time and really encourage the move from inspirational posts to value-based content but I PROMISE it’s because this is so, so important for your biz growth. 

Because when you only post inspirational content, and when you’re copying someone else’s model, then you aren’t giving your potential clients ANY reason to pick you over a different service provider online. 

You’re not creating your own brand and you’re not positioning yourself as the expert.

And it’s soooooo much harder to get clients that way. 

Because when you’re not showing up as your own self and when you’re not sharing your value, then your potential clients don’t have the chance to know if you ARE or AREN’T the service provider for them.

Let us connect with you.

Share your expertise on platforms, systems, services and tools.

THIS is what marketing online is all about!

4. You gotta get clear on the money you want to make and what exactly it’s going to take to get there.

If there’s a revenue goal you’re trying to hit and it’s just not happening, then it’s time to question how confident you are in knowing HOW to meet your goals.

Because it’s not enough to have a goal or pick a number you want to hit in your biz… you ALSO need to know *how* you’re going to meet that goal.

There’s a super awesome exercise I run my 1:1 clients through and 9 times out of 10 we do this exercise and then they hit the monthly goal ASAP. 

Basically it starts like this: (1) Figure out what you want to make. (2) Figure out how many hours you want to bill a week. (3) Figure out what you would have to charge to make those two numbers work. (4) Adjust your goal or your hourly rate accordingly.

Obviously that’s the super simplified version but this really is the name of the game. This is how you grow your biz and it’s how you get where you want to go!

Again, if you’re feeling stagnant in your biz or if you’re feeling like something just isn’t working, look first to these 4 places and get really clear on what you’re wanting to build! 



Sara Wiles
 is an Online Business Mentor for done-for-you service providers. She helps Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers and Social Media Managers go from frazzled to focused, stark to sold out and bewildered to balanced.

Through her unique, personal mentoring style she supports her clients through confidence building, clarity gaining, mindset managing and massive action taking.

She spent 8 years traveling the US producing high-end corporate (and a few celebrity) events before becoming an entrepreneur. After just 4 weeks of starting her business, she filled her roster, replaced her 9-5 income and brought on a team. Sara is also a wife, mama, dog mama, exercise enthusiast, champagne connoisseur and four-letter word addict.

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