5 Ways to Make Sure You're Meeting Your Big Business Goals

If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve got big business goals that you’re working towards right at this very moment.

Maybe you’re just starting your business so your big goal is to sign your first paying client. Or maybe you’ve been at your business for a minute and your goal is to scale to 5 or 10K months or to bring on your first team member so you can finally let go of the stuff you don’t love doing in your business to create space for the stuff you DO.

First, CONGRATS! Creating big, exciting (maybe even scary) goals in your business is necessary to grow and create a bigger impact.

But here’s the truth: no matter what your big business goal is, it’s going to take work, consistency and dedication to get there. Oh, and a whole bunch of tiny, (seemingly) baby steps that will all add up to you celebrating with a bottle of bubbly after you smash through your goals.

And those tiny, baby steps...well they can make (or break) your big goals in an instant.

And I want you to set yourself up for success so that you actually sign that first client, reach the 5 or 10K month and FINALLY get to do more of what you do best in your business. I want you to check your big goals off your big list with a big hot pink sparkle sharpie and feel dang good about it this year. Cool? COOL!

So today, let’s talk more about those smaller (but super necessary) steps so that we can move the needle closer and closer and closer to that big ol’ goal of yours.

Here we go for 5 ways to make sure you're meeting your big business goals.

1. Micro your macro on the daily.

So you’ve identified your big, exciting, scary goal and you’re all “now what?”.

Well I’m about to tell you what, so listen up.

To get to that big goal, we’ve gotta break it on down into mini goals that are doable on the daily. Ready to do just that?

Take out a piece of paper (or open up a google doc) and write your big goal at the top. Then, write a list of small action steps you could take DAILY to bring you closer to your big goal.

Here’s an example:

Jen’s goal is to sign her first paying client for her VA business. A list of micro goals could include:

  • Signing up for Acuity so it’s easy for clients to book discovery calls.

  • Creating a discovery call calendar link.

  • Setting her availability in Acuity.

  • Adding a questionnaire to her discovery call link.

  • Checking to make sure links to book a discovery call are active and everywhere Jen is showing up online.

  • Downloading and working through my freebie on setting (or resetting) your virtual business offerings here.

  • Creating a 1-page info sheet to send to clients if she doesn’t have a website.

  • Writing value based and promotional content to post.

  • Posting said content.

  • Creating genuine connections and relationships online with other entrepreneurs.

  • Engage in all the places she’s showing up online.

  • The list goes on and on.

Listen, the important part here isn’t that the mini steps are perfect...it’s that you’re taking daily action towards your end goal and trusting that the path will unfold before you as long as you’re WALKING on the path. Catch my drift?  

2. Block out time to do your micro goals on the daily.

Recently, I’ve had a few clients KNOW what they need to be doing in their business to achieve their goals but they just weren’t making it a priority by making the time for it.

This one is easy and I’ve got a quick fix if this sounds like you.

Once a week (on Sunday or Monday) block out 30-45 minutes DAILY in your calendar to do the things that are going to move the needle closer to your big goals.

For some of my clients, this looks like writing and scheduling content. For others, it looks like following up with leads. If the goal is to get more clients, then you’ve gotta get seen online and follow up with the folks who have expressed interest in working with you. Simple, huh? Now make it a non-negotiable in your day and go do it!

3. Get organized on the daily.

If you’re providing done-for-you services for online entrepreneurs and the backend of your business is only written down in a series of notebooks...well, Houston we have a problem.

You are an online entrepreneur serving other online entrepreneurs...so it’s time to get your backend online, sister.

My FAVORITE online (FREE) task management platform is Asana. It’s easy to use but also massively powerful and allows me to keep all of my business tasks, todos, dreams, goals and workflows in one (secure and backed up) space. I also have my entire team in there with me so it’s effortless for us to converse on a task or project. Even better, no one has to ask me what’s on my to do list for the day or if that sales page content is ready to be added to my website because it’s all housed in Asana.

Whatever goals (and mini goals) you’re working on right now should be inside of an online task management software so they can be tracked, traced and easily checked off your virtual to do list. And bonus: once you become an online organization goddess you can help your clients do the same.

4. Keep your eyes on the prize on the daily.

You’re basically a squirrel in human form.

I’ll explain.

Entrepreneurs are an interesting bunch. We can go from idea to execution in 2.2 second flat (#realstat) which is part of what makes us so successful. But it’s also a bit of a double edged sword.

Because when we don’t get the result we wanted within those quick 2.2 seconds we often “squirrel” on to something else.

And honestly, this is an issue I help my clients work through almost every day. Here’s an example:

Jen’s big goal is to sign her very first VA client in her brand spanking new business. So she’s going through the motions, but, as starting a business does, it takes a minute to start seeing results.

And before she gets the result she’s so desperately after she squirrels on me and hops (ha...see what I did there) onto a mentoring call telling me wants to open up an online boutique on the side.

And listen, I’ll entertain the idea all day long with Jen because that’s my job. Know what else is my job? To remind Jen what she really, truly wants in her business. And since we’ve identified that at the beginning of our relationship that makes it easy for me to explain to her that this new shiny object isn’t actually going to get her closer to her big goal...it’s going to push her farther away from it. Because what I know for sure is that split focus yields split results. And if Jen wants to grow her VA business, she needs to focus on only that VA business until it’s bringing in the income she desires and we have systems and processes on lock. Then, we can talk about that online boutique...but something tells me by that point she will have forgotten about that idea ;).

Now listen, we can sub “online boutique” for any other “thing” that’s distracting you from your big goal because you’re scared/afraid/not seeing results in 2.2 seconds...it's all the same thing.

If you want to reach a goal, the more energy, time and resources you give to it the quicker you’ll see it come to fruition.

5. Get support on the daily.

Success isn’t achieved alone.

In order to smash through your goals you’re going to need support. That could mean from family, from friends, from your babysitter, from Instacart or from a coach or mentor. It could be physical support (like someone to watch your kids or walk your dogs), emotional support (like friends or family to listen to your highs and lows), mental support (like from a counselor or therapist or from a meditation or yoga practice), business support (like from an experienced coach or mentor) or by finding services to grocery shop for you or deliver things you need right to your doorstep (what was life before Amazon anyway?).

The entrepreneurs that achieve the most success almost always talk about how much support they have in all areas of their lives. In order to achieve great things, we have to lean on others.

So if you don’t have support and you feel like there’s a gap somewhere, go find it ASAP. This is something that has been HUGE in my business across the board and without getting support in ALL areas of my life I would not have the ability to show up for my business and my clients the way I do.

So there you have it. 5 ways to make sure you're meeting your big business goals. Did you notice a pattern? Each of the 5 ways mention that you’ve gotta do them DAILY to get to where you want to go in your business. Not monthly, not when you have the time, not when you remember to do that. It isn’t about perfection, it’s about consistency. And consistency is KEY in reaching your goals.


Sara Wiles
 is an Online Business Mentor for done-for-you service providers. She helps Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers and Social Media Managers go from frazzled to focused, stark to sold out and bewildered to balanced.

Through her unique, personal mentoring style she supports her clients through confidence building, clarity gaining, mindset managing and massive action taking.

She spent 8 years traveling the US producing high-end corporate (and a few celebrity) events before becoming an entrepreneur. After just 4 weeks of starting her business, she filled her roster, replaced her 9-5 income and brought on a team. Sara is also a wife, mama, dog mama, exercise enthusiast, champagne connoisseur and four-letter word addict.

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