Listen to Katelyn’s story of going from having 0 clients and making no money in her OBM business to hitting her first $5k month… and continuing to grow her biz to be fully booked!

Listen to Erin’s story on how she got started as a VA, how she went from no business to fully booked in less than 6 months, and how mentoring helped in making it happen.

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What I loved most about working with Sara was the confidence she had in me and my business! She was my biggest cheerleader and supporter as I got my business off the ground and discovered what the online business world was all about.

During my time with Sara, I went from having 1 client to being basically booked out. I went from making a few hundred dollars a month to consistent 2K months with room to grow and make more. She also taught me how pitch myself to prospective clients and nail discovery calls with ease.

Sara has helped me to see that I am so much more than I can gave myself credit for. I learned so many invaluable skills and tools from her that I know I can implement in both my business and life in general.

I would hands down recommend Sara to any other service provider. She has been a great mentor and anyone can benefit from her and coaching!



Sara was so motivating! She completely (positively) changed my mindset about my business and enabled me to see our potential. She understood exactly what I needed support with and saw opportunities for growth where I didn't.

Since working with Sara only three months ago, my team of two full-time VAs is completely booked out! She changed our marketing strategy and helped us approach marketing as business owners instead of employees. Life-changing!

Mentoring sessions with her feel so easy and comfortable -- you're just talking to a friend who is going to help you level up in your biz!

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When I came to Sara I was making *maybe* $800-$1000 a month… Now, 6 months later I am bringing in $6,800 a month with ease and grace surrounded with dreamy clients! While a metric F ton of work went into this on my end I don't believe I would have had the sheer confidence to make this happen on my own!

I was scared as actual F to invest in myself in this way. Literally stalked her online for MONTHS before being unable to NOT click that button. I am so so so so happy that I made the move, she helped me to create the beginnings of a business that is and will continue to provide my daughter and I with all we would need.

It's a completely new business. It's a new life. There would never be enough space to describe how she’s impacted me.



Working with Sara really allowed me make a decision to redesign my business by offering less services as VA zoning in on what I love doing, spending more time taking care of myself (quitting all the things), owning my value and gaining confidence that I know that I'm doing (and probably more).

I booked out my services and redesigned my business to only do the things I love doing! I have narrowed by services down to one offering and I'm working on finishing up a course that will allow me to work with less clients one to one but serve more with all that I know.

I loved that my time with Sara was a no non-sense fluff time but a deep dive into my business - what was working, what wasn't, what I really wanted, and solid action steps to make it happen. Not only is Sara passionate about what she does but she truly wants you to succeed and create a business that you love.

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My confidence level was pretty low before my work with Sara. Intellectually, I thought I could make my business a success but I didn't actually feel it in my soul. Now I know that I am in charge of my life and my business. Golden!

My client base has grown and I feel much more confident in making impactful decisions around my business. I actually TRIPLED my monthly income in the month I worked with Sara! You can't beat the ROI!

Sara is very real in a world where this quality is so rare. Working with Sara feels like chatting with your best friend, you're incredibly knowledgable, uber caring, no BS best friend. She shares her knowledge in such a way that it is accessible and digestible.

Sara is an incredibly generous soul who makes you feel special and valued. I certainly hope to take on these qualities and pass them along as well to the people I encounter. Thank you for shining your light, Sara!



Sara is a perfect blend of mindset + business savvy! She's experienced as both a service provider and a coach - she's done what I'm doing and trying to do, so I know I'm getting advice and perspective from a true expert! She's freakin' efficient during coaching calls and can easily identify and communicate what she's seeing.

I feel more confident and clear in what I offer and how I can support others. I feel more confident in marketing myself and telling people why I'm amazing and they need me in their business.

I am so happy that I finally invested time and energy to work with Sara!

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Starting a business is a daunting task with a never ending list of to-dos, but Sara was able to help me prioritize and focus on the things that would truly make a positive impact on my business bottom line.

I booked 7 discovery calls within 2 weeks of working together, exceeded my financial goals for my first month of business, was booked out by my second month of business and hired my first team member by month 4!

Besides being fully booked, I have honed my offerings so that I'm doing the work I WANT to be doing in the WAY that I want to work. Sara was able to help me define and set clear boundaries for my business and remind me that it was OK to say no to potential clients that didn't respect those boundaries. She was like my own personal cheerleader rooting for me at every step of the way!

Working with Sara was the best investment I've made for my business.



Working with Sara is life-changing. Not only was it an amazing investment for the success of my business but working with her has made me a better human.

Sara’s knowledge, motivation, wisdom, and connections helped me to book out my VA services in the first 5 weeks. She’s mentored me for 7 weeks and I already want to cry thinking about what’s going to happen when the four months is up.

Working with Sara was HANDS DOWN the best investment I could have made for myself + my business.

Sara’s mentoring has played an integral role in making my dreams of retiring from my 9-5 and working from home on my terms a reality.  And she helped make these dreams happen in weeks, not years!


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While working with Sara I booked out my client schedule, landed 3 podcast interviews, and built a solid strategy for finding and landing both media features and new clients!

I generally just loved working with Sara. Her confidence is such a helpful motivator and makes me feel more confident in myself and to stand strong in my value and own my sh*t. The work we did together helped me in so many ways but surprisingly it really helped my confidence as well.

My business is set up in a place where I can confidently go after the people I want to work with. Previously I was a bit at a loss as to how I would find new clients because the strategies I had were going after the wrong people where now I know where and how to find my ideal clients which is so priceless!



Sara has completely transformed the way I view myself and my business. She's not afraid to tell it like it is and will call you out on your habits and limiting beliefs - but she says it all with love and tons of laughs! She really made me feel so supported throughout the entire process of working together.

Sara has connected me with several clients through her matchmaking service who are completely ideal for me and who I love supporting. I've hit some of my highest income months while working together! I've even brought on 2 team members to allow my business to expand in a way that feels good to me.

I can't recommend Sara highly enough. She is a rockstar all around but especially when it comes to support and helping you to build your mindset and reach towards the best version of yourself.

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I LOVED Sara's coaching style. She was willing to sit and write content with me, strategically plan out my business and talk me through my mindset blocks. Sara really cares about her clients and the work she does. I think her integrity and wisdom were the things I loved most about working with Sara. She was someone I could lean on and trust.

I grew my following to over 500+ ideal clients with help from Sara's recommendations. She also helped me pivot from OBM, what I thought was the next step for my VA biz to what truly LIGHTS me up, coaching other VA's, SMMs, & Other service providers.

I now feel WAAAAY more confident in my business after working with Sara!



Sara helped me to get out of my comfort zone in a way that felt good to me. What I liked most about working with her was that she didn't teach me any strategy that worked for someone else but we created a business that works for me.

With Sara as my mentor, I was able to turn my "side hustle" into a business and fully step into my CEO shoes. I feel more confident than ever in using my strengths in a way that serves my dream clients in the best way possible.

Sara is such a beautiful soul and hiring her as my mentor was the best decision I have made in my business so far. THANK YOU!

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