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Sara is a Queen, plain and simple.

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly trying to push ourselves toward the next level and best version of ourselves, and we can’t get there without support. Sara is the container, fierce mama, strategic partner, and cheerleader you need in your corner. I couldn’t have asked for a better ladyboss-in-crime as I scaled my business from multiple-six-figures to seven-figures.

Sara and her team were instrumental in my $500k mastermind launch and the many many six-figure launches that have followed since then. I love Sara for a million and one reasons, to the point where I send flowers and champagne to her house on the regular, but here’s the biggest reason why I love her: she gets my brain. She understands that I want to go coach and change lives and I don’t want to be bothered with a customer support question or an email sequence. She’s going to handle that for me and she’ll do it perfectly. I’ve made more money than I ever have in my business, but most importantly I’ve had more free time than I ever could have imagined. I’m currently writing this testimonial beachside at a five-star resort in Bali and this is my new normal thanks to Sara.

Hire her. Hire her. Hire her. Do it now. If you’re an entrepreneur with a vision who needs a rockstar by their side to hold down the fort while they build their empire, Sara is the missing piece. I love you to the moon and back and I am so grateful for this beautiful life and business you’ve given me. P.s. Hire Sara.


 Sabrina Philipp // Online Business Coach











I'm able to spend way more time working on the parts of my business I love

I loved working with Sara. She has such a clearly structured & organized way of working and I loved that. Every step was laid out so I always knew what was happening and what would be coming next. Every time we were on the phone together Sara was totally prepared and went above and beyond to ensure that everything we needed was available to us. 

I've totally changed the way I work and how I interact with my team after bringing Sara on board. We've saved countless hours and our processes became much more organized, streamlined, and easy to understand for my whole team. Because of this, I'm able to spend way more time working on the parts of my business I love and the little things that are necessary but a bit of a pain are taken care of by systems or delegation. 

Also, she's a super bubbly, fun person to work with. I always looked forward to our calls as she's such a pleasure. I'd highly recommend anyone who's looking to improve their business processes work with Sara!

Frannie Coggeshall // 

Facebook Ads Expert


Sara takes care of everything on the backend to make it all happen.

I love working with Sara because she gets me and my message. Most of all, she’s an opinion I respect and I love her honest feedback. Sara has helped me move forward mentally in my business and my contact list has doubled since working with her now that I can focus on creating content and quality programs. Why? Because Sara takes care of everything on the backend to make it all happen.

From the very start, she was able to completely understand my brand’s style and the service I want to provide for my clients - and it’s led to her designing some amazingly beautiful graphics and opt-in programs for me. My visibility and engagement on Facebook (and my new group!) and Instagram has grown tremendously.

I didn’t realize until I hired her how much the technology side of my business was holding me back from showing up consistently. I feel like I have so much more energy to work on my business and I would absolutely recommend Sara and her team!!

Jen Levin // Owner // Jen Jevin Coaching 


The best investment I've made to date!

Sara's energy and willingness to show up as her authentic self has inspired me to bring the same to my clients. So my clients benefit from me having her on my team! Yes, because of Sara and her team I do have more time to focus on generating content, practicing self-care and networking, but I also have the peace of mind that I don't have to go at this entrepreneurial thing alone! So much gratitude for her!

Since working with Sara, I've seen list growth and increased interaction on social media due to the crazy visibility that Sara and her team have crafted for my business.

I would recommend Sara and her team to other women who are starting, building and taking their businesses to the next level! It's the best investment I've made to date, the positive effects are far-reaching and the benefits are many and the support is top-notch.

Betsy Smith // Certified Life Coach













Sara helped me sell my programs with ease. 

Working with Sara is like working with an old friend. She is kind and warm, always listens to what you need and then executes the projects as quickly as possible. She takes pride in her work and values the work of her clients.

Since working with Sara and her team, I have more time to spend with my family and to work on my other tasks. Her organizational skills and ability to get things done quickly have allowed me to become more visible online and to sell my programs with ease!

I highly recommend Sara to anyone looking for a kind, professional and kick ass member of their team.

Therese Nadeau // Psychic Empath + Intuitive Coach 



Sara if a gift from the Universe!

I truly can’t say enough amazing things about Sara! Our paths crossed exactly when I needed her most.

When I met Sara I was literally at the end of my rope. I had been asking the universe to “Bring me an assistant,” and fortunately, as soon as I began asking for help, I was given Sara’s name via a business associate. I jumped on my email and sent her a message right away. I knew the moment Sara and I connected face to face that she was my answer! The universe had set it all up and I will be forever grateful.

She is a true lightworker here to help others shine brighter. And she is definitely helping me do just that.

Working with Sara has been such a joy. Truly. She makes my life so easy. She has helped me fine tune my website, has taken over my email lists (thank god!), and is helping me automate several of my courses so that money just rolls in while I’m sleeping. And guess what? It is!

Thank you Sara for taking over the reigns. I know I am in excellent hands and I honestly have never felt so calm and relaxed about how my business is running. You are a gift from the universe!! I am grateful to have you on my team.

Julia Treat // Psychic Medium + Angel Intuitive 




I trust Sara 


I trust Sara completely and absolutely recommend her. Handing things off to her and her team has allowed me to generate more proposals and create more content. She supports me in the marketing of my business and brand leaving me room to connect in groups where I feel most aligned.

Since working with Sara, I have had more discovery calls and an increase in brand awareness in the online entrepreneur circles.

Sara and her team cut through the clutter in Facebook groups. I’m now able to create the content I want to create without worrying about spending unnecessary time in other areas of my business.

Sara is great at what she does and the team she's curated is wonderful.

Vix Reitano // CreatiVix Media // Chief Digital Strategist





I enjoyed  3 weeks away KNOWING my business was in great hands. 

Working with Sara was amazing!  She was extremely organized and took it upon herself to make my work life easier. During our time together my list grew, she created numerous new opt-ins for me to use on my website, and she re-purposed old content in a way to make it seem new!

I got to enjoy 3 weeks away from my business for my wedding and honeymoon and left KNOWING my business was in great hands. I was totally confident leaving her to run my social media accounts, and truly did not work for even 5 minutes while on my honeymoon. It was amazing having her on my side and I am looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future. Would I recommend Sara to others? 100% YES!!!








Sarah Pelc Graca // Online Weight Coach // Strong with Sarah

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I now have time to do the things I LOVE in business.

Working with Sara is incredible! She truly believes in me and my work and is constantly supporting and encouraging me. Her enthusiasm gives me the motivation I need to keep showing up and to go beyond my comfort zone in my business.

After 2 months of working with Sara, she has helped me to more than double my Instagram following while pushing out beautiful graphics and consistent content. Having her on my team makes me more accountable to hit my deadlines so that Sara can do what she does best -- be the backend lady ninja in my business.

My visibility has increased dramatically, I spend more time with my son and to practice more self-care, all because I have her supporting me. You can truly feel Sara's heart in everything that she does and her genuine love for you and your work. My heart is FULL of gratitude for this woman. 


Lauren Venable // Balanced Roots Reiki // Owner


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Sara + her team made things simple and easy

I love how prompt and available Sara + her team were! There were multiple places to communicate and reach someone and they always responded in a timely manner. With their help, we were able to show up more consistently online which resulted in a dramatic increase in our visibility and online presence and way more time to focus on our zone of genius!


Sara + her team made things feel simple and easy when it came to implementing new processes, like consistent content. If your business needs more structure Sara will give it to you in bite size chunks that don't lead to overwhelm.

Elvin + Allison Perez // Life, Love, Laundry // Relationship Experts







She took away my stress, anxiety, and frustration!

Sara is a God send. I had never worked with an Online Business Manager before or outsourced any of my work, but I knew I could trust Sara and her team. She took away my stress, anxiety, and frustration which helped me increase my organic outreach. Since working with Sara, I have grown the number of people who signed up for my challenge, expanded my list and Facebook group, increased brand awareness and increased visibility.

But most of all, she completely created ease and flow in my launch, allowed me to be present and focused on my zone of genius, reduced my stress, increased my energy levels and provided the peace of mind, assurance and reliability that my content was getting delivered without me having to worry or think twice about it. Because of Sara and her team, content marketing is no longer overwhelming. I absolutely loved Sara’s professionalism, kindness, sincerity and consistency in her communication and support…I couldn’t be happier or more grateful to her and her team!


Safia Sattaur // Certified Business Coach + Mentor


Sara allows me to stay in my zone of genius.

Sara has been a crucial team member in my business. Her mastery of creating systems to get my business visible on social media has been so valuable.

 She is extremely organized and clear in her work and is also gives me tips and suggestions for things I can be doing better. Outsourcing tasks to Sara allows me to help more people in this world. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Sara to others and I couldn't have gotten to this point in my business without her.

Monika Villarreal // Sales + Success Coach


Working with Sara is  DREAM! 

She's smart, strategic, a self-starter, and such a phenomenal team member. I appreciate how Sara is able to execute on her own with ease but easily integrate into my team to achieve a common goal. 

Sara not only does tasks with absolute precision but also provides amazing support and feedback on how we can better improve processes and streamline tasks. I am so grateful for her ability to get tasks done, support the bigger picture, and adapt to what my business needs. 

If you're looking for a team member that will absolutely over-deliver and delight you WHILE moving your business forward... Sara is your girl.

Lacey Sites // A Lit Up Life // Business Mentor + Success Coach