My FOOLPROOF formula for creating raving clients who bring you more clients (+ more cash) without more marketing

Wednesday, August 21st

at 1:00 PM EST



You want the thriving business, the raving clients, the discovery calls flying through your door and the Stripe notifications ding-ding-dinging every 2.2 seconds. And you KNOW it’s possible, you just haven’t quite figured out HOW to make that happen like the other success stories you see online. 

But somewhere along your pretty little entrepreneurial path you started believing the story that someone was keeping a secret from you. The 1K, 3K, 5K and even 10K months were reserved for women who had cracked the marketing code, had the “right” connections (or any at all) and wrote the best.content.ever. 

But here’s the truth. 

You can find and serve clients as a done-for-you service provider with minimal marketing and maximum results by focusing on referrals as your lead source. 

This is the EXACT way I built my OBM + VA biz to $10K+ months and it’s how I teach so many of my 1:1 clients to find and book MORE clients with all the ease and none of the content creation hamster wheel drama.

I just taught this method to a brand-spankin’-new client and she’s already signed 3 clients THIS MONTH ALONE using it.

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on Wednesday, August 21st from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST for 60 minutes of live training, teaching and coaching where you’ll:

  • Be taught the secrets to converting your clients into raving fans 

  • Understand exactly how to set up a smart, customized, new client booking referral system that makes it so dang easy for your clients to do your marketing for you and get you more and more clients on repeat.

  • Attend a LIVE Q+A to fully support you in showing up like a boss in your client’s businesses so that you can use those rock-solid relationships to grow your business like whoa in 2019 and get every single one of your burning questions answered on the spot.

You’ll leave class with everything you need to show up like a high-level rockstar in your client’s businesses (because duh! that's a non-negotiable for referrals sister!) AND use that rockstar status to get your current clients to bring you new ones.

Can’t attend live?

Fret not! By saving your seat in class you’ll have on-demand access to the video replay plus you can send me any questions you want answered before class. 

At this super affordable price point, if you booked JUST ONE referral from the system you learned in class you’d easily 5X - 10X your investment of time and money. But honestly? Once you figure out how to do this you’ll be booking new clients left, right and center and sending me thank you notes ASAP.


"I signed up for this virtual masterclass because of how generously Sara shares her experience with others. She truly cares about helping others succeed and wants to provide the tools to do so. Plus, the class is totally affordable - THANK YOU!”

Ebony Cauley, @playfulprocess COO


“One week after Sara’s masterclass, I landed an ideal client and started feeling some serious momentum and confidence in my business! This masterclass isn't “gimmicky”, the information is super useful (and relevant), and Sara KNOWS her stuff!

Hands down without a doubt, if you have considered a masterclass and you’re on the fence, I am here to say as someone that is very skeptical, taking Sara’s masterclass will be an investment in your business that you will NOT regret!”

Sandra Martin, owner & founder Sandra Gail Virtual Assistance


“The masterclass really opened up new possibilities for me and it's made a world of difference …

If someone were considering taking Sara’s masterclass, I’d say just do it! It’s super affordable, and an easy way to stay on top of your service-provider skills!"

Gwen Castleberry, obm at


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And just in case you didn’t think it could get any better…

20% of the profits from all masterclasses will be donated to Glennon Doyle’s non-profit Together Rising. You get top notch teaching, training and coaching to help you make all your big business dreams come true AND you get to give back to those in need.

It’s the best win-win of 2019…I’m calling it right now 💖!

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Official Bio:

Sara Wiles is an Online Business Mentor for done-for-you service providers. She helps Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers and Social Media Managers build successful, profitable, balanced businesses in weeks instead of years. She's also a wife, mama, dog mama, exercise enthusiast, champagne connoisseur, four-letter word addict and the co-founder and co-host of The Happy Thoughts Show.