Hey woman! I see you trying to do #allthethings and feeling #alltheoverwhelm. I'm here to tell you that there’s a better way.


You can create a business that works for YOUR life. 

Whether you’re a corporate queen sick of sitting on the struggle bus because you’re always sacrificing YOU for your job, or you’ve already started your business as a Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager, Social Media Manager or Designer but turns out you created a monster and are working all.the.damn.time I want you to know that there is another way. It is 100% possible to build a company that brings in profits without pushing your needs out the door. I've been there and done that and I'm living proof that you can have everything you want in your business AND your life.


It’s time for you to have everything you want out of your one precious life.


  • Unrushed, truly present time to spend with yourself, kids and family

  • Self-care (hello Tuesday morning spin class with a latte in hand)

  • An insanely profitable business

  • The feeling of fulfillment that you’ve been so desperately searching for

  • Freedom, choice and flexibility to decide when, where, how and with whom you work

I know all of this is possible because I’ve done it. And now I help other driven women do the same! Why?


Well for starters, the 9-5 work-life balance for women is pretty much a joke. Amen? AMEN! It’s high time we redefine what success looks like and do it on our own terms and I want to be an encouraging part of that change. I believe in the unwavering power of women. And that a rising tide lifts all boats. When more women have the opportunity to step out and use their natural gifts and talents to their advantage, the more unstoppable we all become.

Why hold yourself back?


So here’s the truth, sister.


You can do this! You can make money, spend time with your kids (or cats!) and have time for YOU. You can run a wildly successful online business from your home while hanging out in your yoga pants. #blessthishotmess You can stop stressing about money and start enjoying this crazy thing called life. Discipline creates freedom. You can truly do it all!



"I landed two clients within a week of our first conversation"

Sara has a natural ability to make you feel like you’re working with your best friend. She authentically makes you feel comfortable which opens you up to having truly meaningful and productive conversations that help propel you forward in your business. She was able to breakdown and be transparent about running the backend of an OBM business which in turn really helped me establish a great workflow to onboard new clients.

I landed two clients within a week of our first conversation.

She has been incredible in guiding me in the direction I need to scale my business and realize my worth and that the service I have to offer is of value to others! My mindset has always been the biggest thing holding me back and she made me realize that what I’m wanting to accomplish in my business is not only realistic but attainable!

Sara's knowledge and experience has been truly priceless!

Courtney Davis, Founder & OBM @ Novus Collective





Here’s my story:

One tear-filled day, I took charge of what I wanted my career and life to look like. I was over the corporate grind and 24/7 emails. Mostly, I was over the stress and anxiety of NOT being present in my baby son’s life.

So, I started a business that allowed me to live life on MY terms. That allowed me to be with my son full-time and replace my corporate income working from home part-time. I worked my butt off, but on the other side was a sweet reward NOT just more work.

Have you ever been in a situation where the stars aligned and everything you asked the universe for came back to you in spades? When I opened my business, that’s exactly what happened.

  • Within eight days of starting the business I signed my first client.

  • Two weeks later, I left my corporate job.

  • Another two weeks and I had the clients (and income) to replace my 9-5 salary.

  • Within months, I added contractors to my team, took on more clients and exceeded my wildest financial goals. And all of this happened while working part-time.

  • Most importantly, I was finally the present, engaged mother that I so deeply wanted to be.

So, whether you’re just starting your business or you’re looking for support to scale the one you already have, I would love to help! Because I know what it's like to know there's a better way, and I'm here to help you find it in less time with more ease.



"I just put in my notice at my 9-5!"

Sara has such a passion for helping fellow mamas, and it shows! 

Sara guided me in the backend of my business, the services I could offer, and was so refreshingly honest about the amount of time I’d realistically need to put into my business in order to meet my goals while also being available for my family. Most importantly, she made me realize I needed to get out of my own damn way. And get out of my own way I have because I just put in my notice at my 9-5! 

Thanks to her knowledge and experience, I’m running a successful business that allows me the flexibility I need in order to spend more time with my daughter and take care of my son’s medical needs WITHOUT the guilt from a 9-5.

I am forever grateful for her help.

Kim Astacio-Murphy, Owner & VA @ KAVA






Need a 1 off session to work through starting or scaling your business? Whatever you're facing right now, chances are I've slayed that monster. Not sure exactly how to start building your business? Been there! Searching for a way to create more balance? I gotcha! Needing to figure out how to set clear boundaries with your clients (and still keep them)? Oh yeah! Not sure how to make more money with your business. Yup yup!  Use the link below to book your SOS Session and we'll work through your issues together so that you end our session feeling crystal clear in your next right step. WOO HOO!


4 Month Mentorship.png



Let's launch or scale your business! Together we will build a blueprint for your sustainable and profitable business, complete with financial goals. I provide you with the EXACT process I used to start and scale my business and support you every single step of the way.

We’ll deep dive into:

  • Marketing and how to find (and keep) clients

  • Systems + tech and how to build the right backend processes so that you can work less and make more money

  • Boundaries when building your business so that you don’t end up working all.the.damn.time and actually love the work you do and the clients you serve

I’ve helped my clients to:

  • Leave their 9-5 jobs for good

  • Achieve total financial independence through their businesses

  • Create wildly fulfilling online businesses that allow for flexible AND impactful work

  • Instill space and boundaries in their businesses so that they have the time to enjoy life instead of working all the time

Included in our time together:

  • (12) 30 minute 1:1 sessions (3 sessions per month with 1 week of implementation)

  • (1) exclusive live Zoom tech training each month to help you learn what both you and your clients need in your businesses

  • Unlimited Slack support so we can talk through issues and celebrate wins between sessions

  • Business Blueprint PDF to help you easily plan out your business financial goals + offerings

  • Access to my referral network (to get you more clients)

  • Access to all of my templates including contracts, social media management, content planning and repurposing and more

$2500 paid in full or (4) payments of $697



Sara was the springboard that I needed!

Sara was was so helpful and encouraging when I was starting my VA business. Being a mom of 3 and adjusting to a new baby, the support that Sara provided was the springboard that I needed to transition into something new that worked for my family life. I now have a profitable business AND the ability to be with my family!

Brittany Druker, Virtual Assistant