And the best part is that all of this is what’s possible for you inside mentorship. 

Not only have I started and scaled my own online done-for-you business to 10K+ months, I’ve helped my clients to exceed their financial goals their first month in business, book 7 discovery calls in 2 weeks, leave their 9-5s, become fully-booked and go from no business to a waiting list in 2 months.

I’m the master of taking big, scary, lofty, exciting, overwhelming dreams that feel almost impossible to obtain and breaking them down into efficient, personalized bite-sized steps that get you from idea to reality way quicker than you would on your own.

Before jumping head first into entrepreneurship I spent 8 years planning, producing and executing high-end (and a few celebrity) corporate events. I can plan my way to any goal and that’s exactly what I help my clients do.

Here’s what sets my mentorship program apart:

Business Operations

I make starting or scaling your business simple by taking your big, scary, overwhelming picture and breaking it down into bite-sized, actionable pieces. You know WHAT you want but have no idea HOW to get there. I’ll help you bridge that gap.



My support extends well beyond your business and into your clients. I’ll consult with you on client questions, issues, projects and nuances all while making sure you’re servicing them at the highest level so you create raving fans who adore you and the work you do.



My clients learn best by DOING but the biggest problem most business owners face in the online done-for-you space is getting paying clients. I help solve this by providing my 1:1 clients with hot leads who are ready to sign on with a high-quality service provider yesterday.



I help my clients build a marketing plan that makes sense for their business AND life. Using my simple systems and templates, we’ll custom-create a plan that gets you off the draining hamster-wheel of content creation and on one that connects with your audience without depleting your resources.



The success of your business is tied to your mindset and starting a business will bring out all of your sneaky little mindset gremlins. A big part of the way I support my clients is through helping them squash limiting beliefs, bust through mindset blocks and to develop mindset practices that help them fill their own cups so that they can fill others.



I help my 1:1 clients save time and energy by sharing all of my templates. From client contracts to podcast pitches to event budgets, you’ll get access to all of my templates to use both for your business and for your clients.


So what does all of this really get you?

  • A profitable online business that works for your life and not the other way around and the exact steps you need to take to get there

  • Exclusive access to my referral network so you have hot leads knocking on your door

  • A complete marketing plan that speaks directly to your intended audience to set you up for long-term success

  • Support on how to service the clients you book so that you not only get help running your business, you also get help running theirs

  • Guidance and hand-holding when the sh*t hits the fan and you need support around how to take care of yourself so you can take care of your clients

  • All of my proven templates, systems and processes for you to use both in your business and for your clients so that you don’t have to recreate the wheel

  • A massive amount of accountability and cheerleading so that you can be in business for yourself, not by yourself