Katelyn Fish Hamilton

Working with Sara was a dream!

She gave me all the tools and knowledge I needed to be successful in growing my own business and the added bonus that really was the icing on the cake was the fact that she has a "matchmaking" service to help give you leads for your business. This alone was worth hiring her and is the reason I have many of the clients I have today.

When I first started working with Sara I was making no money in my business and had 0 clients. I had been trying to grown my business on my own and it wasn't happening. After working with Sara for four months I was almost completely booked out and had so much more confidence to land clients on my own.

My business grew 10-fold while working with Sara and I became only 1-2 clients shy of being fully booked out with consistent $5K months.

Sara gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my business. Without her expertise, and someone to lean on for all of my questions I would have had a much harder time gaining clients. She also taught me to know my worth and stick to my boundaries which I really appreciated.

Sara helped me to completely transform my business and I am forever grateful to her!

Sara Wiles