Bettina Herz, Certified Online Business Manager at Her Secret Weapon

Sara is such a beautiful soul and hiring her as my mentor was the best decision I have made in my business so far.

When I started working with Sara, I had more of a side hustle than a business. I felt stuck, not knowing what my next steps would be. With Sara as my mentor, I was able to turn my "side hustle" into a business and fully step into my CEO shoes. I feel more confident than ever in using my strengths in a way that serves my dream clients in the best way possible.

During our time together, she supported me around discovering what my zone of genius was so that I could leverage that to serve my ideal client in a way that felt aligned and authentic to me. We strategically updated my pricing and packages and created a content and marketing strategy to speak to my ideal clients. We also crafted a lead magnet + funnel that will bring prospects in the door and set my business up for long-term financial success. Because of all of this, I am projecting to have doubled my income this year.

What I liked most about working with Sara was instead of a one-size-fits-all strategy, she helped me to create a business that works for me and my unique strengths, needs and desires.

Outside of strategy, Sara gave me practical tips & tools to improve my mindset and stop overthinking. Sara helped me to get out of my comfort zone in a way that felt good to me so that I could finally create the success I wanted out of my business.

I'd highly recommend Sara to any Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager or Social Media Manager. The value Sara provides is incredible. She will help you overcome any roadblocks you are facing and set you up for success.

Sara Wiles